Hey there, Popcorn lovers! 😊

For over two years, we’ve proudly offered our Popcorn Theme at a sweet deal of $99 for unlimited sites. Thanks to your support, we’ve been able to grow and enhance our theme continuously.

However, to keep improving and supporting our lovely community, we’ll be tweaking our pricing a bit.

Starting August 21st, we’ll be moving away from the one-time $99 fee.

Here’s what the new pricing will look like:

New Popcorn Theme Pricing

Annual Subscription

Number Of SitesAnnual Price

One-Time Payment

Number Of SitesOne-Time Price

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the $99 price available until?

You can still get Popcorn at $99 until the 20th August. The coupon code “deadline” gives 10% and will be valid until midnight on Friday 18th August.

If I’ve already purchased Popcorn Theme for $99 do I need to pay again?

No! If you’ve already got an unlimited site license for $99 that’s yours to keep. You’ll still be entitled to updates and support without an additional fees

Why are you changing the price?

We’re always striving to create the best WordPress theme for our blogger buddies, affiliate marketers, and niche site champs.

The thing is, with all the cool updates and enhancements we’re planning, along with ensuring top-notch support, the $99 price tag wasn’t quite helping us keep up the pace we’d love to.

We believe in delivering quality, and these price adjustments will let us serve you even better on our journey together! 😊

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  1. This will 100% be best for the future of Popcorn Development and Support. Really excited to follow along and see where this already fantastic theme takes us!

  2. I think it's a very good decision. Because development, maintenance and support of a theme requires a lot of manpower and money. A theme needs funding for development and 24/7 super support too. I also hope there will be a live chat system in the future. It is very important to improve the quality of a product.

    1. Great feedback! We have our ticketing system which is manned 9-17:30 Monday to Friday UK time. But you're right maybe a chat feature on the site may help. I will certainly look into that.

      1. Thank you for keeping my offer. I wish Popcorn theme should have an option to have some ready-made templates for site design. Where I don't have to design or structure separately. I will select the design and then I will edit and design myself as desired. I think this is also very important for bloggers.

        thank you

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