We all make mistakes as individuals and companies.

The team at PopcornTheme and I made some recent changes to our prices.

After careful consideration, we’ve come to the conclusion that we got the new pricing system wrong. It was too complicated, and some packages were too expensive.

Therefore we’ve adjusted and simplified the pricing.

PopcornTheme is now available in just two flavors:

  • An annual unlimited package for just $99 per year.
  • A one-off unlimited package for a single payment of $299
    We’re hoping this new, more transparent pricing model is better for everyone.

Check out the pricing in detail here.

The constant updates and new features being added to the theme are usually paid add-ons for most themes.

But for PopcornTheme owners they are included.

Plus, the support has been greatly improved. Even to the point of being able to add the theme for you once purchased and swap out old themes for PopcornTheme (Small cost)

So, you don’t have to worry about making any installation mistakes.

Leave it all to us!

Once again, sorry for the confusion and I hope this Unlimited License option is more suitable for you.

Many thanks

The Popcorn Team

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