Popcorn Theme Affiliate Program Terms & Conditions

  1. Eligibility: Any individual or organization may apply to become an affiliate, but we reserve the right to reject or terminate any application or agreement at any time for any reason.
  2. Commission: Affiliates will receive a commission for each sale made through their unique referral link. The commission rate may vary and will be specified in the agreement.
  3. Payment: Payments will be made on a monthly basis via PayPal or other agreed-upon payment methods. We reserve the right to withhold payment if we suspect any fraudulent activity.
  4. Voucher sites: Voucher sites are not permitted to participate in our affiliate program.
  5. Use of Materials: Affiliates may use our approved promotional materials such as logos, banners, and product images to promote our products. Any unauthorized use of our intellectual property will result in immediate termination of the agreement.
  6. Termination: Either party may terminate this agreement at any time with notice. Upon termination, all rights and licenses granted will immediately cease.
  7. Prohibited Activities: Affiliates must not engage in any unethical or illegal activity, including but not limited to spamming, hacking, or misrepresenting our products or services. Any violation of this will result in immediate termination of the agreement.
  8. Liability: We will not be held liable for any damages, losses, or expenses incurred by the affiliate as a result of participating in the program. The affiliate will be solely responsible for any claims or actions resulting from their promotion of our products or services.
  9. Changes: We reserve the right to make changes to these terms and conditions at any time. Affiliates will be notified of any changes and will be required to agree to the new terms to continue participation in the program.

By participating in our affiliate program, you agree to these terms and conditions. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at [email protected]