Popcorn Theme Version 2.0 is now available!

Create high speed, high converting, money making websites quickly and easily with Popcorn Theme 2.0.

For a one-time payment of just $99 you can install Popcorn theme on unlimited websites.

Why Popcorn Theme?

Here's a few good reasons you'll want create your next website with Popcorn

Features for Affiliates

With built-in essential features like disclaimer banners it's easy to setup affiliate marketing websites with Popcorn

Integrates with Ads

We've worked with advertising networks like Ezoic to ensure that the theme works seamlessly with advertising.

It's Easy!

No over-complicated setup pages or options. You can easily adjust the look and feel of site via the WP customizer

It's Super Fast!

Designed with speed in mind you'll be getting amazing load times and high pagespeed scores

It's Content Focussed

We know that making money online is all about your content. That's why Popcorn is designed with a "content first" approach.

Close Community

A close community has formed around Popcorn theme full or people that help each other get the most from their websites.

Praise and Testimonials

It’s a very well built theme that excludes a lot of the elements that consistently slow websites down. If you’re looking for a theme that’s fast and flexible, it would make an excellent choice.


Wow, wow, wow! I’ve tested literally hundreds of themes since I first started using WordPress back in 2010 and Popcorn is the first theme ever where I could actually visualise having a production site setup in about 5 minutes AND having it looking the way I want it to look. 

Keith Mint

The perfect theme for when you want to create a site so you can say "hasta la vista boss!"


My site came ALIVE when I added popcorn theme! Everything you need and nothing you don't!

Paul Stamp, Income Bunker

Nice PSI scores on reviews with image up top! Nice job in the backend!


Popcorn is a real game changer! You can tell that it has been developed with affiliate marketers in mind.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you need any plugins to use Popcorn?

Nope! But it does work well with some of our favourite plugins like AAWP and Rank Math.

Will there be an extra charge for updates? 

No Charge for Updates for the supported life of the theme.

Is popcorn theme fast?

YES! Very. PageSpeed Scores on a site with Popcorn Theme installed get 100 / 100 for Mobile and Desktop. Note that there are many variables including hosting, Image Sizes, and plugins that can affect your scores. 

How many sites can I install this theme on?

You can install the theme on as many sites as you like!

Do you offer support on the theme?

Currently support is provided by our community. You can find it here.

How much does Popcorn cost?

It's a one-off payment of $99

Does Popcorn support Social Share Buttons?

You can install any social sharing button plugins. Remember, adding too many plugins could affect the performance.

Is Popcorn safe? 

We have followed all best practices for theme development and it has gone through rigourous testing.

Can I customize the theme?

A Child theme is available to download. Any updates will not overwrite your custom settings then.

Why should I use Popcorn over other themes?

It's fast, it's simple and it's great looking. Technically there is no unnecessary code or bloatware - you just get what you need!

Is this theme suitable for E-commerce.

At this time, no.

Is the theme mobile responsive


Can i change the fonts and colors?

The theme has many customization options. You can also make further changes in CSS if required


Guide: How to make an affiliate marketing website with Popcorn